Myofascial Creams and Ointments provide a great glide to resistance ratio (GRR)™. This ratio is important as there is enough glide for movement during manual modalities, but significant resistance so that deeper tissues may still be targeted without slipping or pulling on the skin or hair. The ointment has warming properties, helping the tissues warm up prior to massage, reducing the work for the healthcare professional. A pearl-sized application covers a large area with no need to re-apply.

These products are used frequently in coordination with tools made from stainless steel or others for tissue mobilization, stretching connective tissues and muscle fibers, and separating and breaking up scar tissue’s collagen cross-links. Myofascial cream and ointment are often used by professionals in: Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Podiatric/Chiropody Care, Occupational Therapy, Physiatry, and Personal Training.