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BENEFITS OF COLD ROLL-ON Our most popular item! The gel formula works fast to provide a focused cooling sensation with relief lasting long after application. The products are non-staining and...
BENEFITS OF COLD SPRAY The spray formula has no added thickeners, with a 360 degree sprayer for hard-to-reach spots. Easy to apply with no need to rub the product in. The spray bottle is quick to...
BENEFITS OF HEAT LOTION The no-mess roll-on applicator allows you to massage the product in, providing focused relief while keeping clean. Ideal size for personal use.
Magnesium Calming Cream 4 oz
$30.00 $29.95
BENEFITS OF MAGNESIUM CALMING CREAM Magnesium Calming Cream when used in conjunction with Massage Therapy can assist in relaxation and sound sleep. The cream provides excellent lubrication and...