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Cold Therapy Spray 4 oz

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The spray formula has no added thickeners, with a 360 degree sprayer for hard-to-reach spots. Easy to apply with no need to rub the product in. The spray bottle is quick to use and carry, ideal for athletes pre and post workout. Ideal size for personal use.

All CryoDerm Canada products are certified Gluten-free and Eco-friendly. The products are also free of Silicone, Dyes, Isopropyl Alcohol, Parabens, and Methyl Salicylate.

Cold Therapy is also available in GEL and ROLL-ON applications.

Medicinal Ingredients: d-Menthol USP (Mentha arvensis, leaf) …. 10.0% w/w Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Arnica, Boswellia, Citric Acid, Denatured Alcohol, Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), Eucalyptus Oil, Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Peppermint Oil, Water.

Cold Therapy Spray 4 oz Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Cold Therapy Products

Posted by Debra on 2022 Nov 15th

I normally use the roll-on version of this spray as it makes it much easier for me for application. As the roll-on was out of stock, I bought the spray which works just fine. Great product and really helps with my bad back.

#1 product for me

Posted by Angela on 2022 Oct 17th

I have arthritis in my knee and it is bone on bone. I have tried so many other products with no relief from the pain. A coworker brought me a bottle to work one day and told me to try it and see it helps. It did and I have been buying it ever since.

Very good product for temporary relief of pain.

Posted by Kate Bremner on 2022 Sep 28th

Our clients are very pleased with this product

Cryoderm Spray

Posted by Nicoele Harmsworth on 2022 Jun 9th

I was given this by my physio dr after a car accident, it worked so well that 4 years later IM STILL USING IT AND AM SO THANKFUL I can buy right from the actual makers of this WONDER SPRAY.

I love the Cryoderm roll on, but the spray version is a big no. The spray container being the problem not the contents. Very hard to spray areas that are harder to reach where one needs to hold bottle upside down. Spray often wouldn’t come out

Posted by Elizabeth on 2022 May 13th

Given this product might be used by people with arthritis I would advise the spray version comes with a warning that it is virtually impossible to spray accurately or at all unless aiming for a large expanse of skin where the bottle remains upright and you can use two hands to work the pump.

Cold therapy spray

Posted by Helen Yeomans on 2022 Apr 17th

Works quickly; feels and smells wonderful. Doesn’t stain. The spray means I can reach the back . Wish I had bought the larger container


Posted by Mary Boufford on 2022 Mar 25th

What an excellent product!! I’ve been using it anywhere I have arthritis pain…back, knees etc. Works wonderfully relieving the pain. I’ve even purchased a bottle for my sister and son-in-law

Cryoderm Cold Spray

Posted by Helen Templeton on 2022 Mar 22nd

Excellent product. Relieves the pain in a few minutes. Gouty toe felt relief in two minutes. Stiff neck from being rear-ended felt relief in a couple of minutes. I love this stuff.

I can't live without this product! It is the best and necessary for and stuff sore muscles

Posted by Barbara San Severino on 2021 Sep 30th

I love it