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Cold Therapy Gel 16 oz

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The gel formula is thicker in texture, allowing it to be massaged into targeted areas to relieve pain. The gel works fast to provide a focused cooling sensation with relief lasting long after application. The products are non-staining and non-greasy, making massage easy while keeping your clothing clean. The 16 oz bottle is great for personal and/or clinic use.

All CryoDerm Canada products are certified Gluten-free and Eco-friendly. The products are also free of Silicone, Dyes, Isopropyl Alcohol, Parabens, and Methyl Salicylate.

Cold Therapy is also available in ROLL-ON and SPRAY applications.

Medicinal Ingredients: d-Menthol USP (Mentha arvensis, leaf) …. 10.0% w/w Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Acrylates, Arnica, Boswellia, Citric Acid, Denatured Alcohol, Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), Eucalyptus Oil, Glycerin, Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Peppermint Oil, water, Triethanolamine.

Cold Therapy Gel 16 oz Reviews

Based on 15 reviews


Posted by Ian D Ross on 2021 Oct 28th

Easy to apply
Deeply effective

CryoDerm Cold Therapy Gel.....

Posted by Lynn Weir on 2021 Oct 8th

I purchased for severe back, neck & shoulder pain. Hospitalized for 10 days with neck surgery in Sept 2021...used on low back while in hospital.....I recommended to 12 nurses...who I believe have ordered it....also ordered more to mailed to my accountant suffering from hip issues & now have recommended to my lawyer who is also suffering waiting for hip surgery, ...bought for my 88 Mom with knee pain...and now finally my husband is using it after me telling him for weeks to try it......Recommended to to be physio in Osoyoos BC in July...Amazing product thank you...although my 88 year Mom...needs roll on...which I'm just about to order for her. Simply put delivers as promised, it works to relieve pain & inflammation... With Gratitude, Lynn Weir

This gel is very effective.

Posted by Mary Campbell on 2021 Sep 22nd

I have used it for years to help relieve my srenosis.

Amazing Product

Posted by Glenny Figueroa on 2021 Aug 2nd

This product works really well for knee pain, my mother loves it.

excellent product

Posted by randy.massicotte@gmail.com on 2021 Jul 15th

i have used this product for years and it is great for sore muscles especially after working in the gardens or playing sports

I love the Cryoderm gel. Having MS I deal with very painful leg and foot spasms and Charlie horses. The gel seems to stop the spasms almost immediately and keeps them at bay. I have tried many options but nothing has ever worked as well and as fast h

Posted by Joanne Fitzgerald on 2021 Jul 13th

The above review ended before my sentence ended.. was saying nothing else as ever worked as fast and as well as cryoderm

Cold Therapy Gel

Posted by Hélène on 2021 Jun 15th

Very good product to relief pain.

Exceptional product and I would recommend it to everyone who ,like me,suffers from low back pain

Posted by HENRY STARKES on 2021 Jun 10th

Exceptional product I look forward to trying the new hot therapy which was sampled in my order. Thanks

Cold gel

Posted by Laura Massi on 2021 Mar 31st

I have arthritis. My massage therapist introduced me to this product . After the massage she put it on my knees and it felt great ! So I purchased a 16 oz bottle, used it up and now I'm on my second bottle. This product works better than the medication the rhumatologist prescribed. I would have purchased the larger size, but it was out of stock. Highly recommend.